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Tangy Busted Taters (Dairy Free)

Tired of the same old potato? Squizito has a new take on an old favorite. We’ve taken potatoes and busted them open, giving you all that flavor without any dairy. You’ll never go back to your old spuds again!



  • Wash taters, peeling is optional. Quarter potatoes and put in pot.
  • Cover with water, salt water (about 2 TSP) and bring to boil. Reduce heat and slowly boil potatoes.
  • In large mixing bowl, place the garlic oil, wine vinegar, herbal salt, and pepper. Whisk well to emulsify the oil and vinegar. Set aside, so the herbs release their flavor.
  • You’ll know when potatoes are done when you stick a fork in them, and they are tender or crack in half. The skins, if left on, will be pealing from the corners. (Busting out of their skins) Remove from heat.
  • Wait until the rest of the meal is ready before you drain the potatoes and finish. This will keep them hot, and they’ll taste better.
  • When ready to serve, whisk your oil and vinegar mixture once more, drain potatoes, and add to the mixing bowl. Stir the potatoes to coat.

Serve and enjoy!