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Popcorn Gift Set


A perfect gift for any occasion.

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Give the Gift of Deliciousness!

A truffle popcorn gift set is perfect for any occasion. Whether it's your best friend, your mother, or even the teacher who gave you an A+ on that paper, everyone will love this perfect gift. This gift includes Squizito's exclusive Truffle Sea Salt, Butter Infused Olive Oil (non-dairy), and Braggadocio Organic Popcorn Kernels. It doesn't matter if it's Christmas time or just another day of the year because everyone loves to get some tasty snacks as a gift!

They're great for every budget and make the perfect white elephant gift exchange present! So please don't wait around any more and order yours today before we run out of stock again! This is one deal that won't last long so click here now to get yours while supplies last!

Popcorn Gift Set Includes

  • Truffle Sea Salt (2 oz)
  • Butter Infused Olive Oil (non-dairy) (200 ml)
  • Braggadocio Organic Popcorn Kernels (32 oz)

Check out our short YouTube video where Jen shows you how to pop popcorn on your stove

My favorite!

Written by Bethani on 14th Dec 2022

This is my favorite popcorn! I bought 2 of these intending to use as gifts, but I ended up keeping one for myself and finding another gift. The oil and the truffle salt make it absolutely incredible!

Popcorn Set

Written by Angie on 15th Jun 2022

This set was recommended by Jess on Roots & Refuge and we had to try because we would eat popcorn almost every night. We really enjoyed the blend of all the flavors and I hope to order again soon!

if you like dry, but tasty popcorn

Written by Kim Critchfield on 14th Jun 2022

I love my popcorn covered in butter. which is not very good for you i'll admit. in trying to eat healthier, i gave this a shot. it was very tasty. the truffle salt puts such a nice flavor on this organic pop corn that it's hard to stop eating it! and the butter flavored oil, stopped me from drowning this popcorn, saving me a few points on my cholestorol! lol.

Popcorn Gift Set

Written by Gloria Rosado on 2nd Mar 2022

The popcorn gift set is awesome. I gave it as a gift, and it was a total hit. The organic popcorn is so good, and the kernels are big, the butter oil and the black truffle salt are delicious.

Delish and satisfying

Written by Rhonda Mazzola on 23rd Feb 2022

The popcorn pops better than any other I have found - and no need to add extra butter, the butter flavored oil is perfect- finish with a dash of black truffle salt and you’ve got a delish and satisfying treat with virtually zero guilt!

Bravo In All Regards!

Written by Karen Pangelinan on 11th Feb 2022

I heard about Squizito from Jessica- Roots & Refuge Farm on YouTube. I am so blessed to have learned about this Beautiful Company and their products! I truly Love their oils and their Black Truffle Sea Salt on their Organic Popcorn is to live for! Excellent quality, flavor and lovely packaging. Thank You Squizito.

A must for popcorn lovers--YUM!!!

Written by VMiller on 10th Feb 2022

As another reviewer noted, I too, found this amazing popcorn and shop from Jess at Roots and Refuge Farm--and I am so glad I did! The popcorn was so light and fluffy with huge pieces, and no stray husks to get stuck in your throat!...The butter-infused oil and truffle salt made it such a unique, amazing taste! My husband (who does not like flavorings added to popcorn) LOVED the infused oil-salt combination. I love that the ingredients are simple. All of my family and friends will be getting this set throughout the year! **I keep popcorn from getting tough by lifting/tilting the pan lid just a touch to let the steam out while it is popping.

Popcorn Set

Written by Amanda Braxtan on 3rd Feb 2022

I bought this popcorn set because of the review from Jess on Roots and Refuge YouTube. I absolutely loved it when I recieved my order. I actually even bought a second set to send to my mom for a house warming present! She hasn't received it yet but I know she will love it as well!

Popcorn gift set

Written by Elva on 3rd Feb 2022

Shipping was good. The gifts went to three different people and everybody thought the popcorn, oil and salt was delicious!

Delicious products!

Written by Stacy on 3rd Feb 2022

I bought the popcorn kit with the butter olive oil, truffle salt and organic popcorn. My husband and I made it as soon as it was delivered and it was delicious. I placed another order the same day to share with my mom and sisters. It would be a wonderful gift as well. Thanks!

Popcorn gift set

Written by Jullie Fillippi on 2nd Feb 2022

Bought this as a gift. Exactly as ordered.

Popcorn Gift Set

Written by Kim on 29th Jan 2022

Ordered this set as my daughter/husband love popcorn. We have made a few batches and it is delicious!! Thanks!


Written by LindaSue Russell on 25th Jan 2022

There were only a few corns that didn’t pop. The flavor was incredible, old fashioned delicious. I loved the truffle salt with my melted butter. I will definitely order more.


Written by Elizabeth on 25th Jan 2022

The popcorn set was amazing! My kids scarfed the first batch down before I could get any. Highly Recommend :)

Review of popcorn gift set

Written by Anita Kenepp on 21st Jan 2022

Absolutely amazing! I love it and highly recommend it! I will be getting these for gifts for 2022 Christmas!

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