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Butter Infused Olive Oil

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All Natural
No artificial flavors, colors or additional ingredients
Vegan & Dairy Free

Made with Certified Ultra Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil, this creamy, dreamy infused olive oil is vegan, naturally infused, dairy free, and heart healthy! It gets its rich, decadent flavor of butter strictly from organic botanical infusions!

Notes: Use this buttery olive oil as a butter substitute in baking, sautéing, or anywhere you might use a liquid fat or melted butter including: over hot popcorn, with seafood i.e. crab or shrimp, to dip bread in, over pasta, mashed potatoes, hollandaise sauce, rice and so much more

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Written by Rachel on 27th Feb 2024

This butter infused oil makes the most amazing popcorn! It smells like movie theater butter and tastes so good! The best part is that you aren’t getting all those unhealthy ingredients that movie popcorn has! And you’re not having to melt butter and try to pour it on your popcorn which makes it all soggy! We make 1/2-2/3 cup popcorn on the stove in a pot. Add 3-4 T oil and heat till all the kernels pop. Then we just salt with a fine/powder salt!! BEST SNACK!!!

Butter makes it betta.

Written by Ashley Nichols @lowermittengardwner on 1st Dec 2023

Put this on everything! So delicious, right and and yes, it taste like butter! I used it this year when roasting my turkey and I do not regret it. Also adding to my homemade Cresent rolls making it so drooltastic. A must have in everyone's kitchen.

Butter infused olive oil

Written by Linda Sue Russell on 1st Nov 2023

I love the infused oils in general, but this butter infused is a must.

Butter Infused Oil

Written by Jay on 19th Oct 2022

Third order of this. It's just amazing. I can go back to using anything else for popcorn. Needs more than 5 stars

Butter infused oil

Written by LindaSue Russell on 9th May 2022

Love love ❤️ this olive oil, I love butter.

Add a larger bottle size please

Written by Jme R. on 18th Apr 2022

It’s perfect for everything, higher heat tolerance makes for versatility. My only complaint is that I don’t have enough of it.

Butter infused oil

Written by Jamie R on 14th Mar 2022

I should have just bought the big one first

Butter infused olive oil

Written by Linda Sue Russell on 21st Feb 2022

I love this oil, a dab in the pan and anything cooks perfectly tasty.

Butter infused olive oil

Written by Tereasa Young on 15th Feb 2022

We loved this. My husband is very picking and he very much liked it


Written by Kimmie Guidry on 5th Feb 2022

I just received my 2nd order from you and have ordered several new products that I have not had an opportunity to use yet, but the Butter Olive Oil was something i got in my first order and is FABULOUS... i have tried it with the Braggadocio popcorn & truffle salt...... YUM

Butter Infused

Written by Tammie Mitchell on 30th Sep 2021

Used this to make hash browns and everyone wanted my recipie. I used Kroger brand frozen hash browns, let them unthaw, drain any liquid season with this oil, salt and pepper. Let sit overnight and cook in the am.

Butter Oil

Written by Connie Steele on 18th Mar 2021

Purchased this oil and I have to say it is amazing. If you are looking for an oil to replace "Pam" Spray or just to make something as simple as a Grilled Cheese, this is the oil for you. Give it a try, it really is awesome.

butter infused oil

Written by Jessi on 15th Mar 2021

So good with the popcorn

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