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Say it three times fast - Pickled Pepper Pasta

This scrumptious Pickled Pepper Pasta dish is sure to win over the tastebuds of all ages. Combined with a little spice but with just enough sweet to suffice it will have your mouth watering with delight!



  1. Combine thinly sliced chiles and shallots with super fine sugar, champagne wine vinegar and salt in a small bowl and set aside, stir occasionally.
  2. Make Gremolata mixture: Drizzle Milanese gremolata olive oil in a small pan over medium/low heat, add zests and pistachios and stir until fragrant and pistachios are very lightly warmed. Remove from heat and toss in another small bowl with the finely chopped parsley and mint, set aside.
  3. Fill a pasta pot with water and turn on high.
  4. While water is coming to a boil, heat a large skillet over medium to medium/high heat. Add Chipotle olive oil add thinly sliced garlic cloves and swirl the pan around to warm the garlic. Add brown sugar, blackberry ginger balsamic, halved cherry tomatoes, torn basil leaves and S-P-G seasoning. Stir to combine and then cover with a lid. Cook for 6-7 minutes until tomatoes burst, swirling pan occasionally.
  5. Add generous amount of salt to pasta water once it is rapidly boiling. Add pasta and cook to Al Dente (usually 1 min. less than package says to)
  6. Uncover sauce after adding pasta to water, and cook uncovered another 8-10 min.
  7. Save ½ C pasta water and drain pasta. Add al dente pasta, reserved water, and a handful of gremolata to saucepan, toss to combine.
  8. Serve portions with pickled peppers/shallots on top and more gremolata.

Plate and serve hot